Meet Dr. Stacey Gastis


Dr. Stacey was born and raised in Toronto, and developed a real love for the outdoors in high school with the canoe club. He was very interested in wildlife in his early university studies, and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1991. Shortly after, he moved to Comox, BC with his wife Dr. Whelan.

In 2010 he relocated Sunrise Veterinary Clinic to Comox to its current location on the corner of Guthrie Rd. and Shamrock Pl. in what was the old Coast Realty building.

He continues to volunteer his medicine and surgery expertise at the MARS wild bird centre helping injured wild birds return to their homes after fracture repair.

His interest in the area of compassionate dog and cat behaviour training lead him to begin puppy socialization classes (kindergarten) where he currently teaches new pet owners about a kinder way to understand dogs and cats.

He teaches children in school visits about the care of their pets ‘great and small’ helping to broaden their understanding of our relationship to pets.

He lives with his wife Dr. Tammi Whelan (who is also a vet), their two boys, Newfoundland Clara, and kitty Professor in Comox.

Did you know? The early days had Sunrise Vet as a mobile clinic and surgery with regular visits to the outlying islands, then a 14 year stay as a small animal clinic in Merville BC.


Meet Laurie / Front Desk 

Here's Laurie with Nigel the pug and Smok the bearded dragon! 

Here's Laurie with Nigel the pug and Smok the bearded dragon! 

Chances are, when you walk into Sunrise you and your pets will be greeted with a friendly welcome (and maybe a treat or two) from Laurie! She is exceptional at making our Sunrise family feel "at home" as soon as they come through our doors. We genuinely care about our owners as well as our pets, and Laurie exemplifies this daily - she goes above and beyond to make sure our clients receive the best care possible. She wears many hats at Sunrise, answering the phones, booking appointments, surgeries, handling all admin duties, and even assisting in the treatment area when required. 

Cute fact? Laurie has a knack for interacting with pets and getting to know their personalities. She's got two  of her own at home, an 11 year-old Pug named Nigel, and a 2 year-old Bearded Dragon named Smok. On a sunny day in the Comox Valley, you'll find Nigel at the beach, and Smok will be soaking up the rays in the backyard! 

We want your experience at Sunrise to be a positive one, and your interaction with Laurie is sure to set things off on the right foot - or paw.




MEET KAILA / Vet assistant and room tech

Kaila and her sweet Wendell! 

Kaila and her sweet Wendell! 

Our veterinary assistant Kaila is an integral part of our practice - she works alongside Dr. Gastis to ensure the room and procedures run smoothly, and that our pets are well cared for and comfortable throughout their time with us. As well as executing veterinary assistant tasks like assisting in surgical prep, running house lab tests, caring for hospitalized patients, and running our patient Slim Fit program, Kaila also works with our clients one-one to ensure they are well-informed about preventative care. Helping our patients stay healthy for the duration of their lives - and saving you vet bills - is a major focus of Kaila's approach to client care. 

Fun Fact:  When she was a kid, she was continually rescuing deer, frogs, birds, and every other critter she could find that was in need. What better career for someone with such a special way with animals? 


Here's Laura and her 4 year-old cat Bandit!

Here's Laura and her 4 year-old cat Bandit!


Laura graduated from North Island College Animal Care Aide Program, and is an excellent addition to our team! A lifelong resident of the Comox Valley, Laura is the proud owner of a 4 year-old cat named Bandit. 

More coming soon - stay tuned!









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