Behaviour Problems?

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Are you concerned about your pet's behaviour?

Behaviours that our clients often express concern over range from nuisance behaviours (like cat spraying in the home) to anxiety that steals happy lives from dogs, cats and their families. Anxiety may simply look like hiding, shaking, fear and may further develop into aggression, bites and attacks on other pets and people.

Wondering What's with the...






When your pet is feeling anxious, they will search relief. Sound familiar? Humans do it too! But what looks like bizarre behaviours (like those listed above to us), is actually how they attempt to soothe themselves. 

Effective training (ie. a change in behaviour) can only occur if you and your pet are relaxed. If your pet is anxious about things or is reactive in situations training may cause more anxiety.

Anxiety is a feeling triggered by something your pet perceives to be a threat. Once this feeling becomes programmed into your pet's mind, it becomes a permanent groove. 

Understanding Pet Anxiety

Understanding what your pet is experiencing during their anxiety (seeing through your pet’s eyes) is absolutely necessary AND THE FIRST STEP BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE IS TRIED - INCLUDING TRAINING.

Our combined experience with pet behaviour training is the most valuable tool you can have to help your family. 

What you’ll get from us in a Behaviour consult:

  • Understand WHAT your pet is experiencing and WHY this happens.

  • Identifying triggers

  • What can be done

  • Situations to be avoided

  • How to interview any trainer or self-called behaviour consultant so you can assure your pet will not suffer more anxiety from inappropriate training techniques

  • A realistic assessment of what can and cannot be expected

  • Information on anxiety medicines- how they work , when to use them and their limitations

  • A clear family-based plan with realistic goals that are achievable

One initial hour-long visit may give you all you need to help your pet on your own. Follow-up visits are available if needed, where we will show you how to get your pet to relax in otherwise stressful situations.

Working with a trainer may be possible and we will help you “vet” the trainer and help avoid more anxiety and damage to your pet.

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