Lumps and Bumps - What you should know

Have you ever been petting your dog or cat and noticed a new lump under their skin that wasn’t there before?  Have you noticed that what used to be one or two lumps is now three, four, five lumps or more?  What about that one lump that used to be small but is now growing before your eyes over the last little while?  Do you ever wonder at what point you should get these lumps checked out and what there is to do about them?

Whether big or small, any lump on your pet can be potentially dangerous.  While some growths are simply benign, harmless and non-cancerous, others can be malignant, and cancerous.  The earlier you find out what exactly is going on, the better the long term prognosis for you canine or feline companion.  Certain lumps may appear innocent but could actually be spreading to other areas in the body that we cannot necessarily feel on the skin.  So how do you know if these lumps are dangerous or not?

Our veterinarians use a simple, non-invasive test that collects a few cells from the lump.  They then look at these cells under the microscope and are able to diagnose whether the cells are benign or malignant.  If they are benign, then you can breathe easy and have peace of mind that your pet is happy and healthy.  If the lump appears potentially dangerous, or malignant, your veterinarian can discuss the possible treatment plans for managing this lump, which may or may not entail removing the lump under sedation.  Regardless of the diagnosis, it is always a good idea to know what is going on in order for you and your veterinarian to take the best possible care of your pet. 

-Dr. Amanda Charron 

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Photo via Time 

Photo via Time