Meet Chewbacca!

Chewbacca is our October Sunrise Vet Pet! 

We are so grateful to have such wonderful pets come through our doors every day in the clinic. It's our wish that you could get to know each and every one just as well as we do! Every month, we'll be introducing you to one of our Sunrise Vet Pets on our blog and social media. If you'd like everyone to meet YOUR BFF, check out our Facebook page for our 'casting calls'!

"He has filled our hearts with love again, after we lost our big guy Buster to cancer."

Q&A with Chewbacca's parents, Heather and Mike Healy

1) How long has Chewbacca been a part of your family? We adopted Blue (renamed Chewbacca) from the Duncan SPCA June 2015. 

2) Chewbacca is SUCH a cute name! How did you land on it?  Heather is an avid Star Wars fan, and so he was named after the Wookie Chewbacca!

3) Do you have any tips on dog training or medical care that you've learned along the way with Chewbacca that you could share to other pet owners? After having Chewie in the home for awhile and around his other pack friends we found he didn't really require a lot of direction.  We try to stay consistent with him, use small short commands by either voice or hands.  He is a great little dog and hasn't needed much training.  The biggest piece of advice is to socialize your dog, with lots of other animals, in many different locations.

4) What would you say is the greatest part about having Chewbacca as part of your family? The greatest thing about him is his funny quirky personality.  We enjoy getting outdoors a lot and love having him in the woods on a walk, out in the garden or camping!  

A big thank you to the Healy family from the Sunrise Team! 

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