Ask Dr. Stacey of Sunrise Vets – Please, please no more fleas!

We’re in the throes of flea season now! What you decide to do this month will set in motion what’s coming in the next 6. Spare your pet the itchy scratcy skin sores. Fleas are insects. They are as old as the hills. They have fantastic adaptive abilities to survive. They have an outer shell like a tank. Their bite is one of the itchiest on the planet. The itch, by design causes scratching that spreads the baby flea eggs all over your carpets and grass. The eggs hatch into larvae (squiggling worm-like flea babies) that feed on the parent’s poop (by design again). The larvae spin a cocoon and attach themselves into carpet fibers, settle in between couch cushions and in your yard. They wait for up to 2 months to hatch out. When they do they need to feed. Fleas give your pets tapeworms and bacteria that pop red blood cells in cats.

Now’s the time to choose to do either 1) nothing and take your chances or better yet 2) begin a prevention medicine now and spare your pet the all night scratch session. 

The vet one’s are the newest and work the best.

All the best,

Dr. Stacey of Sunrise Vet Clinic in Comox

April  is “Freeze the Flea” month at Sunrise Vets. Bring your dog or cat in for a complimentary Advantage® application. No exam or appointment necessary. 

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