It's a Puppy Party! (seriously so fun, you'll combust!)

Just like humans, puppies need socialization, play dates and yes - parties. Hold the cocktail dresses and the hors d’oeuvres, though – think doggie treats and positive affirmations instead!

From eight to 16 weeks, puppies need a variety of positive physical and mental stimuli every day to ensure they are confident handling new experiences (people, other puppies and places) moving forward in their lives. This is critical for their healthy development, and will have a great impact on how they respond to new experiences in their future.  We want to encourage their development into happy, gentle doggies and minimize chances of fearful, aggressive behaviors for happier households and communities. 

Here at Sunrise, we help socialize puppies with our weekly puppy parties. Our puppy parties are controlled, so puppies are introduced carefully to the group (small groups of puppies of the same age). Our puppy parties allow dogs to explore a new environment, meet new people and other puppies, and experience new toys and games.

When you get a puppy you want to make sure socialization happens within the first four months.  Timing is essential.  Entry requirements are simply that they need their first distemper and kennel cough vaccines.

Our free puppy parties are complimentary to you and the community we live in (and love so much!). They run every Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. at the Sunrise Clinic. 

Join us for our next puppy party! Call us at 250-339-6555 to RSVP first and get more information. 

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