Wildlife on the Road

With leaves gently falling, and the autumnal colours emerging, it's safe to say that the Comox Valley is an incredible place to live during the fall months!  As we head into fewer daylight hours in fall, our drivers tend to find themselves on the roads during the same time as our wildlife. Given that we have an abundance of forested, rural areas here in the Comox Valley, we do need to take extra precaution on our roads.

After reading a recent article released by the SPCA on the same topic, we thought it was pertinent information for our clients and community members to consider, too. According to the BC SPCA, over 23,000 animals are killed in vehicle collisions across the province. We want YOU, your family, and our wildlife to stay safe. 

Here are some helpful tips, word for word, provided by the BC SPCA on how to avoid collisions with wildlife:

  • Pay attention to wildlife warning signs, as these do indicate wildlife collision hot spots
  • Stay within the recommended speed limit, and reduce your speed in areas of limited visibility
  • Be vigilant and scan the road shoulders for animals, particularly at dawn and dusk
  • Keep an eye out for shining eyes on the side of the road, highlighted by your headlights
  • Watch for flashing brake lights on the car ahead, possibly indicating wildlife on the road; and
  • Do not honk or flash your lights at wildlife – rather than warning them away, this will only startle them or potentially cause them to panic and bolt into further danger

Should you find a wild animal on the roadside who has been hit by a car, contact the BC SPCA Provincial Call Centre at 1-855-6BC-SPCA (1-855-622-7722) or phone our friends at MARS - Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society at 250-337-2021. Further contact info for MARS can be found online, here.

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Dr. Stacey Gastis and the Sunrise Team 

Photo via wallpaperup.com 

Photo via wallpaperup.com