Meet Hercules, Our February Sunrise Vet Pet!

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How long has Hercules been a part of your family? Josh and I adopted Hercules in September 2015 at six weeks old. He was our first fur-baby together! A very rough and tumble kitten indeed, but as soon as we brought him home, he latched on to us devotedly and was determined to give us lots of snuggles (and vice versa!).

Do you have any tips on training or medical care that you've learned along the way that you could share to other pet owners? When Hercules discovered how to jump up onto the kitchen counter, we had to put a stop to it right away by creating a negative association. We did this by having a handy spray bottle filled with water nearby.  It's important to spray only once, as that keeps him sensitive to it's effect, and it's only meant for correcting his behaviour immediately when it happens, not after or before, and is not meant to punish or cause fear of us or water in general.  It is now extremely rare for him to jump up there, and we just assume that he never does it when we aren't home!

What would you say is the greatest part about having Hercules as part of your family? The greatest part about having Hercules in our family is the deep connection that we have with him, and how he loves each person in his life just a little differently. We just had him at first as our only fur-baby, so he bonded with us almost immediately, and we were his whole world. He waits for the sound of our alarms every morning and bounds upstairs to wait outside the door, purring immediately. He wants to be cuddled by being draped over my shoulder while I make meals or get ready for the day. We know that we are very loved and missed during the day, and he rarely fails to greet us at the door when we come home. :)

Hercules is a healthy and happy cat. He has a big heart to show people that they matter, and we love him more than we can even believe we ever could. 

A big thank you to the Howard family from the Sunrise Team! 

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