Meet the pup with the GREAT pawsonality - Mika!

Mika is our August Sunrise Vet Pet of the Month

For a couple of years now, Mika has been such a great member of our Facebook and Sunrise Community - we can't get enough of her ADORABLE photos and outgoing paww-sonality!

As the Sunrise Vet Pet for the month, Mika also won a $25 coupon off her next service at Sunrise, a free bag of veterinary-approved treats, and of course - a  feature on this blog and our social media. 

We sat down with her Mom, Stephanie, to learn a bit more about her. 

1) Mika has such a great smile! Can you tell us a bit about her? How did she become part of your family?

Mika found her way into our hearts when she was only 6 months old. We adopted her privately from someone who could not keep her, and she quickly charmed us with her big smile and gentle spirit. She loves to play with her toys, suntan on the deck, or snuggle on the couch. 

2) What does Mika love most about living in the Comox Valley?

Mika loves going on walks, exploring at the beach, going kayaking with us, and most of all she loves to play fetch with her chuck-it at the park, which she will happily do until she is exhausted! 

3) It's often said that our pets can be our greatest teachers. Can you tell us about the impact Mika has had on your life?

When we adopted Mika, I was at a low point in my life. I was suffering from depression and anxiety and felt very alone. When we welcomed her into our lives immediately I felt a deep connection with her. She never left my side, and would follow me around like a little shadow. She is the most loving, loyal, sweet and gentle dog. She has brought me so much joy over these past 4 years. I am so lucky to be able to share my life with her.

Thank you so much for sharing, Stephanie and Mika! 

We think you two were MEANT for each other - wouldn't our Sunrise community agree???

Comment below - how has YOUR pet impacted your life in a positive way? We'd love to know!