Why People Spay/Neuter Their Cats and Dogs

Are you wondering whether you should spay (female) or neuter (male) your cat or your dog?  

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons why families opt to:

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1. Unexpected pregnancies
The call of the wild! An intact male is programmed to find it difficult to resist a female in heat. An intact male can run away and follow the smell of a female in heat located miles away - sometimes getting lost or hit by traffic. In addition, you may be liable if your male procreates. For those with female pets, you might find yourself caring for an unexpected family member - as well as the female throughout her pregnancy and birth, who will require extra medical care. 

2. Pet overpopulation
Meanwhile, 3 to 4 million of unwanted pets are euthanized each year, when many of these deaths could have been prevented by neutering and spaying. Too many pets - not enough homes.

3. Behaviour
 When done early in life, neutering can reduce aggressiveness and improve behaviour overall in our male pets. For example - you'll find less of the always-embarrassing "mounting" behaviour in our doggies! 

4. Marking
Peeeee-yew! Few things smell WORSE than intact male cat urine.This increases the risk of being hit by a car. Neutering, when done early enough in life, virtually eliminates the odour of male cat urine and should prevent marking in male dogs.

5. Roaming
Our pets simply don't understand how to cross the street safely. The urge to roam or run away from home is greatly reduced by neutering our pets. This keeps them out of scraps, out of traffic, and out of unexpected pregnancies. Not to mention, every year millions of pets get lost - often from simply roaming away from home.

6. Important Medical Health Reasons

Intact male dogs can have a number of prostate diseases, which are prevented by neutering. A perineal hernia (often seen in intact male dogs) is dramatically reduced by neutering, and the risk of testicular cancer is eliminated. No testicles - less health problems! 

Female dogs have no risk of infections, cancers, or diseases of the uterus (which is removed), and also a reduced risk of breast cancer. 

If you're considering the procedure, we urge you to give us a call or come in to talk to us. We can help you identify the associated costs, timelines, and the individual needs of your family and your pet. 

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