Meet Blueberry - sweet as can be!

This month we are welcoming a new #SunriseVetPet to the family. Meet Blueberry. With Kelly and Blueberry, it was ruv at first sight. And after a few years of walks and time together, Blueberry wiggled her way into Kelly’s heart and home. Blueberry quickly became part of the pack, which includes… 4 feet and 24 paws!

As the Sunrise Vet Pet for the month, Blueberry also won a free bag of veterinary-approved dog food, and of course - a feature on this blog and our social media. 

Blueberry’s mom, Kelly, shared with us a bit about Blueberry.


Q. Tell us a bit about Blueberry - how long has Blueberry been part of your family?

A. Blueberry has been part of our family for six months, but she has been in my life for around three and half years. I used to walk her as a pup, and we grew a strong bond because of it! She was rehomed to me due to her previous housemates not getting along! She has fit nicely into our pack, making our group complete with four dogs, two cats, and two humans.


Q. What are Blueberry’s favourite activities?

A. Blueberry loves going for walks, especially anywhere she can swim. She isn’t a great swimmer, so she does have to wear a life jacket if the water is deep. She had a sheltered life before moving in with us and is slowing getting used to being out and about, and she is taking small steps into the big world!

What are some of your favourite dog-friendly activities in the Comox Valley? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

Beach days with Kelly's granddaughter. 

Beach days with Kelly's granddaughter.