How Pet Owners Can Take Care of Their BFF's Mouths

Your doggie's dental health is just as important as yours!

Many pet owners never take a good look at their dog's mouth to see if there is a tartar build-up, swollen gums, or to give their pearly whites a good brush. 

As your dog ages, bacteria build-up in the mouth occurs. Some good - some bad. Without proper home care and professional pet dental cleanings, this build-up of bacteria can lead to health issues like gum disease, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and much more. Dental health can impact the entire body of your pet. 

What Can Pet Owners Do?

The first step to a healthy mouth is a well-balanced diet, and in addition to some veterinary-recommended nutrition, encouraging them to chew on treats that are designed to fight plaque and tartar can help improve your best friend’s teeth - and may be easier than brushing. Make sure you offer your pet the right size product, and watch how they react after you give them the treat. If your dog wolfs down the chew - it won't be effective! Dental treats work best when dogs have to spend at least a couple minutes chewing on them. 

Though you and your pet may not enjoy it, brushing on a daily basis is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve your dog’s teeth. You'll want to bring your pet in for their regular (thorough) professional pet dental cleaning, too. 

Where to Start?

During February, dental exams are FREE. Book an appointment to see how your dog's mouth checks out, and learn more about home dental care tips. If you decide to proceed with professional pet dental cleaning (sedation only), you'll receive 20% off this month, too! 

Be sure to call ahead to book your spot! (250) 339-6555

Yours in good health. 



From the desk of Dr. Stacey Gastis