Itchy Scratchy Cats and Dogs - What to do?

Dr. Stacey, help! Our doggy/kitty won’t stop itching and scratching - it’s even keeping us up at night!”

You're not alone!

Skin issues are one of the MOST common reasons why people bring in their cats and dogs to see us! 

As you can imagine, the quality of life experienced by our doggies and kitties when they are so itchy is greatly reduced. For this reason, we aim to diagnose and establish a treatment plan as quickly (and cost-effectively) as possible. The underlying causes of your pet's itchiness can vary widely, and should be properly diagnosed by a veterinarian.

Do you notice any of these signs in your itchy pet?

Ear infections

Redness of the skin

Wounds associated with scratching (“hot spots”)

Secondary infections

Hair loss

Gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting and diarrhea (associated with adverse food reactions)

The most common causes of skin problems, are as follows: flea allergies, atopic (environmental allergies), adverse food reactions, and skin infections are common culprits.

If your pet seems to be continuously itching and scratching, bring them in for their Itchy Scratchy exam. We can help you uncover the cause, and find them some relief!

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