Puppy Housebreaking Tips


Have a new puppy at home? 🐾 With these puppy potty training tips, your carpet will thank us!

Puppy accidents are to be expected in the early days of training - however, there are a few tricks you can use to keep them to a minimum.

A very important thing to keep in mind, is that we must act kindly to our puppies - without overreacting! Remember puppies are not like humans - punishing them long after the accident will have no purpose; as they don't have the same sense of cause and effect and memory as we do.


you'll want to keep an eye on the puppy✔️

distract them from eliminating in the wrong place✔️

and bring them to the appropriate place to go✔️

once they've eliminated, reward them with a treat! ✔️

Signs your puppy is about to eliminate? Sniffing at the floor, scratching at the door, whining or looking uncomfortable.

You want your new puppy to associate going outside to eliminate with good responses from you!

If your puppy has an accident, be sure to clean up the area - so they don't "remember" it by smell as a good place to go!

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