comox bay

Dr. Stacey, help! My dog drinks a LOT of salt water every time we go to the beach!

I know I watched Clara my Newfoundland drink up half of Comox Bay last week and she was just out of reach watching me the whole time daring me to stop her. She won! Later that night the catharsis began - and in our home no less. She won again!

Apart from the intestinal issues and the vomiting a big intake of salt can really hurt doggies. While there is no specific amount per kg of pet that will tip the balance, you really need to watch for signs of salt toxicity. The early sign is vomiting, nature’s way of preventing further toxin absorption. This is a good thing and probably prevents trips to our hospital. Signs of more serious toxicity include in-coordination, staggering, depression, tremors and seizures. 

If you see signs beyond vomiting then call us right away. Don’t wait till morning. We've got our emergency line available 24/7 (250) 339-6555

Treatment can take up to 2 days in the hospital because too rapid a correction with IV fluids causes irreversible brain damage.

 Homemade play dough ingestion will cause this as well.

Next time, I told Clara I’ll be going in to get her!