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5 Ways to Go Green with Your Pet for Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! There are a lot of ways to help your pets have less of an impact on the environment. Here are some ideas from your Sunrise Family. 

1. Recycle. It might go without saying, but recycling packaging from items you buy for your pet can make a major impact. You can also donate some gently used items to our local animal shelters, too!

2. Take a Walk! What better way to celebrate Earth Day by exploring a new walking path or spending a few hours at a neighbourhood park with your BFF? We've got some amazing spots here in the Comox Valley! 

3. Scoop the Poop! Be sure to clean up after your pooch and try using biodegradable poop bags. 

4. Save Water. If you're washing and refilling your pet's water dishes, try watering some plants with the extra from the dishes - instead of putting it down the drain! It can be the little things that make a big impact.

5. Spay and Neuter. Many pets are euthanized each year because of pet overpopulation. Along with people, animals also contribute a small amount towards our carbon footprint too! 

These are only 5 - we could have kept going!

Comment below with your suggestions - we'd love to hear them.