Free Wednesday
Puppy Socials

Every Wednesday from 4PM-5PM @ Sunrise

We now know socialization before 4 months of age, when brain development allows new experiences to be accepted without fear, helps little ones adjust to new homes and prevents many misbehaviours later in life like biting, separation anxieties, and noise phobias. These are really distressing conditions for our pets which limit their enjoyment and happiness. 

We'll sit on the floor and let them play with other puppies the same age. We help them get used to lots of noise and pouncing games in a way that's safe. You'll also learn how to train your little one in a gentle way that works and gets them really motivated to please. 

This is learn to play time and not a puppy training class. 

A puppy MUST before they're 4 months old.

Definitely bring the kids too... they'll love it.

Call for more info and to RSVP: (250) 339-6555