"We just wanted to say THANK YOU! 

You all were amazing today with Louie. Appreciate everything that you guys did for us today. 
We both send our love and many thanks."

- Dawn Bidinost

"Another pet in the McGill household saved by Dr Stacey Gastis!" - the McGill family

"Meet Athena and Nootka! Last time you saw them, they were just babies in a wheelbarrow. The blonde one got really sick and needed surgery. She had a giant mass on her pancreas, and had to get 80% of it removed. It was a death or death situation. Well, its been a few years since you saved her life and she is happier then ever and healthy! She isn't allergic to anything, and she loves running, swimming, and camping. We wouldn't have her if it wasn't for you. Thank you for all of your help!" - Keisha

"Thank you for all you do for our furbabies". <3 - Wendy Masterton


"Daisy was all tuckered out from her dental cleaning but she did so well under sedation. Her breath is so much better and her overall health has improved. We are very, very happy with Sunrise Veterinary staff and doctors for taking such great care of her.

Dr. Gastis caught glaucoma starting in her right eye and we got drops for her. All all her health problems have really improved since she started the eye drops. We are so grateful for the great care and attention he takes with her.

Thank you Sunrise Vet Clinic!!!" - Lisa Jennifer Petr

"Thank you so much for taking care of our fur baby, Gypsy during her spay! You guys went above and beyond in all the attention and care you gave her before and after the operation: giving her dinner, because I was late picking her up from work and letting me pick her up past your business hours at no cost, even quickly removing a hernia, that we had no idea she had prior. A HUGE THANK YOU!!" - Nydia Sepulveda

"Thank you Dr. Gastis and the team at Sunrise. You have made this whole experience with Gee bearable. And you have given my dog a second chance. I'm very grateful." - Debbie Craig

"Archer is feeling well enough to steal the ball Kess was playing with. He very quietly got up and snatched it as soon as her back was turned. He's rather pleased with himself.

Thanks, everyone, for pouring so much love and care into our boy!" - Suzanne Orr Giguere

"i phoned due to buddy being sick and they fit me in right away, they were very concerned and found he had infection and was immediately put on medication to heal. within a couple of days i had my buddy back, lively and acting like his normal self. great job sunrise veterinary clinic." - Carla Stevens

"Two years ago on June 13th Mona had her front leg amputated. She's doing so well I thought we'd have a special day. Well, it turns out she was constipated and had to go see Dr.Stacey and the gang. Thanks to everyone she seems to be doing well now and is eating, playing, and waving her happy tail high up in the air. Thanks for loving my Mona. Two years cancer free!" - Kerren Shalanski

"You were great with Chelsea today! You're dedicated and truly care! I have already recommended Sunrise to 2 of my friends...keep up the great work!" - Leslie Adams

"Thanks for the awesome visit with Buster he looks so handsome!" - Shana Royer

"Huge thank you to Stacey Gastis of Sunrise Veterinary Clinic in Comox, for sharing with us not only your time, but your extensive knowledge of behavioural modification in our companion animals. Was a great morning of learning for our staff; we can't wait for the next one! "

~BC SPCA Comox Valley & District Branch

Our first visit to Sunrise Veterinary this week, such lovely folks to talk to, they fit me into their busy schedule and they were so kind to my Molly and I. This is our new clinic and we are very pleased to recommend Sunrise to our friends and family. Thank you!!!

~Wendy Masterton

"Happy to say, Sadie, Sundance, Kess, and Archer are still around. Thanks to all of you at Sunrise for Kess and Archer’s care!"
~ Suzanne Orr Giguere

"I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you at Sunrise! I cannot tell you how happy I am with all of the amazing service and care you have given to my dogs and me. Dr. Stacey you and your staff are so kind and caring. It really shows in the attention you give to animals. You all have made a very stressful and emotional time easier. All of you girls are so lovely. From my first contact over the phone, you all made me feel comfortable and at ease with the process. Everything was explained to me in great detail which is something that has not happened for me before. What a refreshing approach! It was well worth coming up from Victoria to see you all! I will be back for all of my vet needs. Again thank you!"
~ Leila Wilson

I seriously love you guys! So caring!
~ Kyli Green

"Hi, Dr. Stacey and nurse Bronwyn!! Just checking in to say a huge THANKS from Maverick for all you did to save his life on vacation. He has healed well and is back to his old self!! He sends you the warmest tail wags, puppy smiles, and sloppy kisses! You two definitely went above and beyond and we hope you know how deeply we appreciate it. XOXXO, all our love."
~ Kaeleigh MacDonald‎

"I brought my small dog into Dr Gastis and his great Staff for some much needed dental surgery and was very pleased at how well they took care of everything, most especially the post-operative care (medication). Now, dental work is never cheap, but the cost at Sunrise was well within the range of anyone’s estimate and I felt that all the people there really cared for the animals they looked after – that they were not just in it for the money. When it is your beloved pet that you are trusting a Vet with, you want to be sure they will look after things just as if the dog or cat were their own."
~ Dan Kyle

"Wilbur wants to thank you and let you to know he’s feeling well after surgery and resting up in his favourite place; in front of the wood stove on his comfy bed!"
~ Jennifer Salutari

"Thanks to Sunrise Vet Clinic for providing the much needed ‘poop’ bags at Marina Park. I forgot mine at home and was glad to see them being sponsored by my favourite vet."
Marguerite Bell Toogood

"Happy 2015 from Eli and Mona. Here’s Mona developing her core. She was a little impatient with me and grabbed the bowl. She now uses her meerkat pose to see over things or to see high up. Thanks to all the clinic staff for getting rid of the cancer last June. She’s enjoying life."
~ Kerren

"That was fun, made my day.. thank you so much, can’t wait to see the pics!
You guys and girls rock! Best care ever."
~ Marion Barker

"A warm, heartfelt thanks to Dr Stacy and his team of friendly, compassionate nurses and staff for the loving care they gave to our little three month old puppy Sykes who fell and injured his shoulder. He will always be your friend."
~ Don Sparks

Thank you guys for this we brought our pup Chevy in today! You guys are fantastic.
Kathryn Elizabeth

"Many thanks & blessings to team at Sunrise! My cat Pierre has been suffering from PTSD for awhile, Doc put him on Zoloft and after just a couple of days Pierre is a normal loving cat again!"
~ Maryellen Heath

"Thank you Sunrise Veterinary Clinic for the wonderful toy. Mika is one happy pup!"
~ Stephanie Bouley

"Smokey is very happy about his comfy new bed
he won from the costume contest he’s barely left it all day!"
~ Sarah Lewis

"Gracie says “Thank you” for her free Flea Treatment! Gus and Gracie love their favorite vet Dr. Stacey Gastis and his lovely staff. They are so loving and kind and give the best medical and training advice. It is wonderful to have a Vet who we trust so much with our critter family!"
~ Tammy McMurray

"Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the clinic for having the puppy socials on Wednesday evenings. Maximus benefited so much from attending these supervised socials. It was also great to have Dr. Gastis drop in on occasion to give advice on behavior and training. This is a great opportunity for puppies under four months old to learn socialization.
Thank you from Maximus."
~ Helen and Maximus

That is a super clinic, had Pica there.
~ Dagmar Monica Aiken

"Less than 24 hours post surgery (second operation) after removing a cancerous tumor the equivalent size of a basketball on a human and she’s already at home, happily eating and drinking and wanting to play!! Thanks for the excellent surgical procedure and cuddles she received in your care."
~ Tara Shyluk Pietrzak

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the beautiful souls that are vet techs at Sunrise. Thank you for all that you ladies do. Myself and my feathered babies greatly appreciate it! And as a recent video stated… you truly are unsung heroes."
~ Coral Taylor

"Thanks so much for taking care of my little trouble maker!"
~ Amber Quigley

"My kitten was recently very ill and has been on Royal Canin and she has done very well on it. Great food."
~ Kerry Fitzpatrick Amos

"Thanks for a great check up experience for Tempo! He was pretty relaxed considering he had some teeth scaling done too!"
~ Debbie Craig

"Best vet service, ever…"
~ Tom Candy

"Chick Pea says thank you Sunrise, for making her first visit so nice."
~ Leigh Holm

"We were impressed by both the friendliness, helpfulness, and knowledge of the staff and the veterinarian … If only we could get this type of care from our own family doctor!"
~ G. and B. Mucci

"That was so much fun, Kenai loves coming. So do we." (about our weekly Puppy Parties)
Kerry Kilmury


“Dr. Gastis is fantastic. Makes sure you have all the info you need to make the right descision for your furbaby. The staff are all fantastic and super friendly. If you’re looking for a new vet, look no further!”

- Natalie Hancock