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Community Involvement

Locally owned, we support local!

Official veterinarian for Comox Valley Exhibition

Dr. Alberto Ruiz was the official veterinarian for the Comox Valley Exhibition during the last season. He volunteers his time for this wonderful event, to health check the farm animals and make sure none of them will transmit disease to the other participating animals during the event. Way to go, Dr. Alberto!

Veterinarian for RASTA Rescue

Drs. Carly and Alberto Ruiz have been helping Lucie Cerny with RASTA Rescue ever since the sanctuary relocated to Vancouver Island. RASTA provides a forever home to rescued farm animals and strives to promote a more compassionate world through education and advocacy. The Drs. Ruiz have helped with everything from choking ponies to limping ducks, and everything in between.

Serving the SPCA

No pet lover likes to think about pets being neglected and mistreated, but it does happen. Drs. Carly and Alberto Ruiz have both worked alongside the SPCA to help animals in cases of abuse and neglect, bringing justice and rescue to those who cannot help themselves.

Supporter of the Campbell River Pony Club

Dr. Carly and Alberto have, for many years, supported and taught the Campbell River Pony Club. They provide lectures, activities and hands-on case studies for the Pony Clubbers to learn from and work through during their camp out stay at Camp Homewood.

Community Talks and Open House

Dr. Carly and Alberto have hosted a number of events to educate the public about animal health, including seminars on goat health and raising backyard chickens.  

Sunrise Veterinary Clinic’s open house tour is an educational experience! It walks you through the behind-the-scenes experience of a pet in an emergency situation. The pet goes from the exam room to get its (pretend) blood analyzed and x-rays taken. Finally, it goes to the anesthetic induction and surgery areas, where it gets its (pretend) life-saving surgery. Although the tour was developed with kids in mind, it's a hit with all ages!

Student Volunteer Work Experience Program

Sunrise Veterinary Clinic supports hands-on experiential learning for both high school and post-secondary students. We believe that all flames of educational passion start with a single spark, and we love to help ignite that fire of passion for veterinary medicine in young people. For more information on our volunteer program, please visit our Volunteer Program page.

Veterinary Student Work Experience Program

Sunrise Veterinary Clinic provides mentorship to one final-year veterinary student each summer. This mentorship opportunity provides these soon-to-be-doctors with an opportunity to work closely with vets, learn to communicate with clients, and hone their skills while being mentored one-on-one. For more information on our veterinary student work experience program, please contact us directly.

Animal Health Technologist Distance Education Program

Sunrise Veterinary Clinic provides mentorship, employment and instruction to Veterinary Technician students. This program, run by Thompson Rivers University, allows the working student to achieve their goal of becoming an animal health technologist through distance education.

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