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Prophylactic care and oral surgery

Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases of cats and dogs, and can play a significant role on pet health and longevity. Pets commonly live with chronic oral pain, and may not show any symptoms at all. We take your pet’s oral health seriously, and can help to prevent dental disease with regular dental care.

When your pet comes for a dental prophylaxis, we take full-mouth x-rays and perform an oral examination by probing around each and every tooth. This allows us to assess the health of each tooth and address any issues before they result in tooth loss. Then we perform a thorough scaling and polishing to ensure that your pet returns to you with a pearly-white grin. 

In the event that your pet requires a tooth extraction, we will make sure to explain the cause and plan for prevention of tooth loss in the future. We make sure to provide you with an accurate estimate of cost, and have many payment options available to make oral care affordable for every pet lover.

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