Meet Our Team




Delaney began working at Sunrise Veterinary clinic as a teenager, and has come full circle to now be one of the team's strongest leaders. Her favourite part of working at Sunrise is building relationships with our valued clients; their furry, scaled and feathered companions are just a bonus!


Currently, she has no pets besides her trusty fish Chilè. She imagines the near future with a hobby farm. Delaney is also a First Responder and Firefighter. 



An essential part of the Sunrise family since 2011, Tanya LOVES helping pets and their families live happier, healthier lives — and it shows! Her strong, sensitive leadership keeps our team running smoothly. When she’s not in the clinic, you’ll find Tanya spending time with her family and their chocolate lab, Nootka.




Ella is our receptionist, and anyone in her presence can see her warmth and gentle ways! She knew when she was a little girl working in the animal health field was what she wanted to do. Her mother has worked at veterinary clinics as long as she can remember and she always loved the idea of one day doing it herself. She will be starting her Animal Care Aide course this year and hopes to pursue a career in the veterinary field as either a technician or veterinarian. 


She has a puppy named Razzle and a cat named Ted. Her hobbies outside of work are fitness and rugby. 


Her favourite part of working at Sunrise is getting to see everyone’s adorable companions and the passion in the workplace.




Vanessa graduated as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2013 and practiced in Saskatchewan before relocating her family to Vancouver Island to work at Sunrise Veterinary Clinic. 


She has two senior cats: a polydactyl named Tsunami with 24 toes, and a food thief called Chinook.


When she's not at the clinic, she loves living her best island life, exploring trails and beaches with her husband and two young children. Fun fact: Vanessa and Dr. Carly were roommates while they were university students. Ask Vanessa who was the better cook!



Jeanie is a Animal Health Technologist Student, and part of the Sunrise Veterinary Clinic Mentorship Program, studying to be a Registered Veterinary Technician while working. Jeanie was inspired to be an advocate and a voice for animals while travelling in Southeast Asia, seeing many homeless animals in need of care. Her pets are mixed breed dogs Chica and Haze, the sweetest and most loving doggy duo in town.



Brianna is an Animal Health Technologist Student, and part of the Sunrise Veterinary Clinic Mentorship Program. Brianna first obtained a university degree in natural sciences, but was inspired to pursue change when she lived in Mexico for several years and witnessed first-hand how animals suffer when not given adequate medical attention. The most rewarding aspects of her job are seeing the relationships that clients have with their pets and providing them with the best possible care. She shares her home with Amigo, Bonita and Murphy (Mexican rescue dogs), a crazy cat called Tina, and a husband who tolerates them all. 



Hannah is the jack of all trades here at the clinic! She works here in an assortment of crucial roles - veterinary assistant, social media manager and nanny.


She had dreamt of working in a veterinary clinic her whole life. She’s always had a special place in her heart for all of our feline friends especially. Hannah completed her Animal Care Aide course in 2016 and from there specialized in dog training for 3 years until eventually finding her home here at Sunrise. 


Currently, she has one canine companion named Georgia and a cat named Reign. She hopes to join the Animal Health Technology course in the near future and has a side hobby of photography, videography, and making videos on YouTube. 




Melaina is a kennel attendant at Sunrise Veterinary Clinic. She would like to be a veterinary technician, a horse trainer or riding coach when she grows up. She has a horse named Chevy, a pony named Mr. Poppers Penguin and a cat called Hunter. Melaina loves to horseback ride during her time off and she also loves Star Wars.



Aislinn works at Sunrise Veterinary Clinic as a kennel attendant, keeping things clean and assisting the nursing staff where needed. When she grows up, she wants to pursue a career as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She has been inspired by her love of the many animals she has at home. She has two little dogs named Maeve and Freya, two cats named Beatrix and Clementine, an old rabbit named Torvald, and a retired horse called Splash. When she's not at work, Aislinn plays the piano and listens to classical music.