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Monthly Subscription Plans for Your Pet's Health

Keeping your pet healthy and happy shouldn't feel like chasing your tail.  Ensuring the health and happiness of your pet requires consistent and proactive care. That's why we had to make it happen with a simple and affordable payment option for all our Sunrise clients.  We were so excited to launch our wellness plans for preventive veterinary care - I just had to write a blog about it!

We've created monthly subscription plans that take the guesswork out of pet care. While the monthly fee might seem like an added expense, it leads to long-term savings with our services at a discounted cost. We will set you up with all the necessities and book all your appointments throughout the year.  Regular visits help build a strong relationship between you, your pet, and your vet.  This bond ensures better communication and personalized care, making each visit feel like a playdate with a professional.  Plus, knowing your pet's healthcare is sorted means more peace of mind for you and more belly rubs for them.

Our wellness plan includes their annual routine check-up, vaccinations, dental cleanings and more.  It's everything your pet needs to stay healthy, happy and ready for any adventure (or nap).  Contact us today to sign up and give your pet the gift of great health

- because every dog deserves their day, and every cat deserves their nine lives!

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