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Imagine NEVER cleaning your teeth?

Gross, right?

Can you IMAGINE having plaque build-up and an unpleasant taste in your mouth? It would be absolutely intolerable! And think of the health ramifications that never cleaning your teeth or having professional dental care would have on the rest of your body.

Sadly, the same thing happens to your PET’S mouth without proper dental care.

Dental diseases in dogs and cats are extremely common. By age 3, over 80 percent of dogs have some form of dental disease, also known as periodontal disease - and veterinarians have found that the majority of cats over three years of age already have signs of dental disease. Periodontal disease doesn’t just affect your pet’s oral health; but can have grave consequences on the overall health and wellbeing of your pet. As a loving pet parent, you want to be sure your pet has a healthy mouth.

More than just fresh breath, here are five more reasons why good dental care is so important:


Regular dental care will ensure that your pet’s teeth-supporting structures stay healthy and keep the teeth in place.


Avoiding kisses from your BFF? When your pet has a healthy mouth, their breath won’t be an issue


Our pets are masters of disguise and can’t tell us what’s hurting them. Dental disease hurts. Preventing organ damage: Bacteria in the plaque can enter the bloodstream and spread to the heart, kidneys and liver. This spread of bacteria, called bacteremia, can damage organs and will make our pets very sick.


By taking care of your pet’s mouth today, you’re setting them up for a lifetime of health and improved quality of life - not to mention, saving you hefty veterinarian bills down the road.

Wonder what you should look out for?

Here are some signs of dental disease in our pets:

Broken teeth

Loose teeth

Bad breath

Painful and bleeding mouth

Refusal or inability to eat and drink


Dental care for our pets includes not only annual professional dental cleaning done at a veterinarian’s office but requires at-home care as well.

For the month of February only, you’ll SAVE 20% OFF ON PET DENTAL CLEANING.

We look forward to helping you care for your pet’s mouth - the way you want to!

Please call us today to secure your spot: (250) 339-6555

Yours in good health,

Sunrise Vet

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