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Tips To Help You Bring Your New Puppy to Their First Vet Appointment

New pup at home? Here are some tips on how to bring them in for their first visit [this month only, it’s FREE!]

⁣Condition your dog early in life to enjoy car rides.

Begin with short drives around the neighbourhood, to the beach, and to our parking lot! Feed them treats and slowly increase the length of your journeys in the car. If your dog becomes anxious, stop and try again another day. ⁣

⁣ Feed a small meal the day of your vet visit.

Your dog will respond better to our treats if he or she is a little hungry. ⁣

⁣Bring your dog’s favourite toy or treats with you to your appointment.⁣

It will provide them with a lot of comfort in an unfamiliar environment.

Speak in a low, comforting voice.⁣

Using a gentle tone of voice assures them that all is well.

Call us today to book your FREE appointment for your new puppy or kitty (250) 339-6555.

Offer is valid for the month of January only!

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